Zf 8hp can bus

Zf 8hp can bus

The amount of Research and Development that has gone into their software would be difficult to match by any other tuning company. Tweaking a transmission is not only about getting quicker changes or holding more power. Few people are aware of how deeply an automatic transmission contributes to the overall driving experience.

From crawling in traffic, town and city driving, to taking a vehicle to the drag strip or a race track, the TCU widely defines how the car feels. Like everyone drives different with a manual, the maps inside the TCU hide the secrets to tweak an automatic transmission to the liking of your customers, so that they can finally experience what BMW promised back then in the glossy brochure: Sheer driving pleasure! It had its debut in the BMW 7 Series F01 Li saloon fitted with the V12 engine, and since then each new BMW model in all Series down to the 1 Series, in both rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive versions have been equipped with it.

Unfortunately, BMW did not use that possibility to its full extent on the normal line-up. Q: May I return to stock at any time with xHP? A: Yes. Please get in touch and we can book an appointment to flash your TCU back to stock. Q: How do I check if my vehicle is supported? A: Get in touch with your VIN and we can check for compatibility.

zf 8hp can bus

Q: DO I need to do anything differently once you have flashed the Gearbox? A: The TCU will need to re-learn your driving characteristics, the best way to do this is for the vehicle to be driven as if around town for the first 50 miles, coasting as much as possible. Then a further 50 miles very steady, with no hard acceleration or braking.

Then you can build up speed. The gearbox will take 2 - 3 weeks to learn your driving characteristics. Q: How about reliability, will I shorten the life of my transmission using xHP?

Not on the TCU, nor on the shafts or clutches. Keep in mind, that automatic transmissions are highly complicated units, with a few hundred components inside.

Some of these components are designed to wear out like clutches through making use of them. Your driving style and proper maintenance have the biggest impact on the life-time of transmission components. Obey these simple rules:. Q: I just flashed my transmission, but the shifts are bad. A: Your transmission may behave weird, right after flash, e.For the 8-speed automatic transmission, ZF set out to design and develop an entirely new gear set concept.

The result is a revolution in transmission design: a transmission concept with 4 gearsets which requires only 5 shift elements — of which only two are open in any given gear.

zf 8hp can bus

The 8HP also requires no more than 3 multi-disk clutches and 2 brakes, which allows it to achieve a greater degree of efficiency than other concepts. As a result of the fact that only 2 shift elements are open per gear, drag losses in the transmission are sustainably reduced.

This effect is supported by the use of a new parallel-axis vane-type oil pump. From the lower midsize segment to sporty luxury cars, and in every type of SUV and offroad vehicle — its revolutionary design is always an efficient and economical solution.

At the same time, the total transmission ratio spread of 7. This translates into improved acceleration and reduced fuel consumption. Based on a really successful product, it combines dynamics and comfort with improved efficiency — also with regard to the costs.

And it is ideally equipped for even stricter fuel consumption and CO2 emission regulations. CO2 emissions decrease to the same extent.

These potentials can also be completely transferred to hybrid drives. Incidentally, additional savings potential by a further optimized startstop function is not yet included here. To achieve these innovations, ZF engineers have optimized some details.

Thus, the reduction of drag torques and engine speeds further reduced the already very low power losses. Essential success aspects are the higher transmission ratio spread and the reduction of system pressures in many areas. Another factor is the multidisk separation of the brakes. Furthermore, advanced torsional vibration dampers enable a faster bypassing of the hydrodynamic power transmission and therefore further reduction in speed. Thus, the new 8HP is perfectly prepared for use with the new engines cylinders which will determine the trend of the years-to-come.

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HTG GCU with CAN bus keyboard

Home ProductFinder Events Downloads zf. Share Contact Share this page on:. Get in touch. Innovation by reduction: efficiency, perfected With the development of the new 8-speed automatic transmission by ZF, the focus is not on the number of speeds but rather on the minimization of fuel consumption.

The new 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission, which was designed to be more lightweight, sets new standards for flexibility, efficiency, and economy.Future development will see two four-wheel drive versions available, with a version destined for Volkswagen Group applications using a Torsen centre differential.

This transmission is marketed by Chrysler under their own brand name, the Torqueflite 8. Efficiency improvements over the original design include a wider ratio spread of 7. Refinements were also made with respect to vibration. Major improvements are total spread of 8.

There are several options in maximum torque available, also the gearbox is available with mild hybrid and plug in hybrid options: With 15 kW and NM supporting boosting and recuperation in combination with 48 Volt technology up to 90 kW and NM for usage with higher voltage.

Below is a table of reference gear ratios as provided with the ZF 8HP transmission, though actual implementations may differ depending on the tuning and specifications of individual vehicle manufacturers such as BMW and Audi.

Differences in gear ratios have a measurable, direct impact on vehicle dynamics, performance, waste emissions as well as fuel mileage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

zf 8hp can bus

Motor vehicle. Retrieved 18 September ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Archived from the original on 19 July Retrieved 19 September Retrieved 7 January Retrieved 10 June Retrieved 10 May Retrieved 10 May — via YouTube. Green Car Congress. Retrieved 13 July Retrieved 20 February Retrieved Retrieved 2 September Retrieved 20 August JT Automatics Ltd.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: ZF8hp into td6?

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. ZF8hp into td6? Ok, I know the transmission has been tackled several times before I got the miss's a bmw d. It got me thinking, this box has been designed to be "universal", apparently it runs entirely off Can bus with 4 wires in total, Power, earth, can-high, can -low.

The transfer case stepper motor would need to be controlled some how also as its would come from the later model rover also, but would also provide the much better torsen center diff.

Going out on a limb but could you use a compushift or does this not talk to the ECU? Compushift won't work with the ZF 8HP. Not on their application list. Anything's doable if you know the parameters, but the info being shared between the engine and box ECU's is minimal and I don't think you actually need to do this - it's the same as when I was looking at sticking a manual box in - it wasn't going to talk to the ECU and my testing showed the engine would run quite happily when the box ECU was disconnected - you just couldn't drive anywhere.

Reverse engineering the CAN signal is very difficult, if you know the register addresses it is easier. I believe all you need is a stand alone ECU to run the box. If you can fit one in and get a computer that runs it, I think you would be ok. Been through this with my wife's car. The issue is data sharing with the engine, without the link it would work, but would be horrible. There is a lot going back and forth, for example, the trans requests throttle reduction for certain functions, with out this it will get rough.

Several years ago when we talked about 6hp24 I did a list of all the comms for the 5L40 that you would ideally want. The instrument panel is the central hub for the 3 but there are several fields that aren't passed to CAN - whether we would need them I can't remember.

Other issue I raise each time this comes up is the current gear variable that is broadcast. Minor thing to consider for long term ownership - Once the new box is in there, how do you read faults. Originally Posted by chaybra.

BMW Transmission Tuning

Bookmarks Bookmarks Google. The time now is PM.Two words: shift quality. All one-gear and two-gear shifts use just two shifting elements: one opens, another closes. The 8HP also executes certain multigear shifts in this manner; witness the leaps from sixth gear to third and even eighth to second. The 8HP transmission comes only in longitudinal form for rear- or all-wheel-drive vehicles, and we prefer it immensely to ZF's transverse alternative, a nine-speed.

Insome 3. It can accommodate a maximum torque output from as low as pound-feet up to It is compatible with a variety of all- and four-wheel-drive systems, such as an integrated center differential or a two-speed transfer case. The ability to swap the torque converter for an electric motor, as BMW has doneallows automakers to develop hybrid variants with minimal changes to the drivetrain.

And the commonalities among all 8HP gearboxes allow companies to share core elements between vehicles as different as the Dodge Demon and the Ramminimizing development costs. Has the dual-clutch transmission met its match, then? But the DCT finds refuge in supercars. The added length of a torque converter can be prohibitive in a mid-engine architecture, and precise launch-control programs provide an advantage in acceleration.

But for just about every other vehicle, though, it's hard to argue that anything can do the job better than the ZF eight-speed. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Tested: Audi SQ7 Rips to 60 in 3. View Photos. Car and Driver. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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ZF 8HP transmission

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