U world self assessment

U world self assessment

I just took the self assessment for u world my percentile is Please let me know guys if thats good score. Feb 7, Best of luck!!! I agree, I am going over my correct and incorrect answers re reading questions and rationals and taking notes. The way I am approaching management i feel the process of thinking about questions and elimination its helping me!

It's important to understand the rationales and why the right answer is right and the wrong answers are wrong.

Don't stay fixated on the number Feb 9, Are you talking about priority? You look at expected vs unexpected too.

Burns upper body priority due to airway obstruction. Heart failure can be priority for elderly we give them too much bolus of fluid and can develop confusion and neuro symptoms; to be honest I learned talking to myself and try to explain myself steps. Assignment questions are important always clean with clean and dirty with dirty. Hope this helps : Practice makes you a better critical thinking and test taker. I am a repeat test taker and English is my third language.

I am not ashamed if failed exam I was happy last time I took it failing all near passing and few above. This time I feel much better because I never approach the question like this.

I practice questions with my friend who passed and saying the answer and my process thinking loud it helps! Feb 10, I need your advice! I've been doing UWorld, I have questions left. I'm currently on the 80th percentile. I scored on the 56th percentile. Any advice?

I've been ready each questions right or wrong. I did hurst, I'm doing Saunders on my weakness, and I have Kaplan too. Please help!!


Sometimes score won't matter; because i scored higher before in u world and i failed with questions. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many materials. There's days when i know myself i can't study i go to gym or watch TV. Good luck!! I am using u world and Mark Klimek notes i had previously i go back to topics i need more clarification. My main use is u world.

Thank You So Much! I've been focusing on UWorld and reading each rationale and also making notecards to retain the information.She was the only person I know of that took the self-assessment test. Jan 15, Jan 16, I passed the first time with 75 questions.

Good luck to you :. Thats a great percentage on the simulation test! Has 3 years experience. Regardless, a 92 will put you at a very high chance especially if it's consistent with your average UWorld QBank score. I was under that when I took it. I failed the first time because I really didn't study.

Took it the second time 5 months later.

u world self assessment

I spent 2 weeks on Uworld and passed in Nothing beats Uworld I will keep you posted about the results. Jan 17, Consistency is a good thing. I would be very surprised if you don't pass with 75 questions. Good luck!! I didn't do well on those self assessment things. I passed nclex on first try in 75 questions.

Just read all rationales whether you got them right or wrong. It helps tremendously. That is VERY comforting to hear! Thank you and congrats on the huge accomplishment! I consider myself an average student maybe a little bit towards the lower end as compared to my classmates lol who had a few A's and mostly B's and C's. All I used to study was UWorld.

So I guess Uworld is pretty accurate :. As long as you are scoring above the averages of the tests then I think you should be good for the Nclex. Ms Petite I haven't taken my assessment yet but I do know of a friend who was in the 87th percentile and passed in 75Q's. So I think it has more to do with really reading your rationale. So you will def pass OP. The UWORLD self assessment tool boasts on providing questions that are similiar to the nclex plan to gauge your readiness so I think it's pretty accurate.

Break a leg! Thanks Ms Petite. Jan 18, Jan 19, I passed first try in 75 questions.I find myself alternating between rock solid confidence and debilitating insecurity and I cannot concentrate on any more studying.

I was wondering how accurate was your chance of passing predicted by the UWorld self assessment. What was your chance of passing, percentage, and did you pass? Jun 7, I used Uworld and a little bit of Kaplan. I had to stop using Kaplan because their rationales had way too many assumptions and contradicted each other.

Has 1 years experience. You're right on track in my opinion! I was in the 72nd percentile when I finished all the UWorld questions, and passed on my 1st try in 75 questions.

Jun 8, Specializes in none. Jun 9, I used Uworld primary tried ATI but didn't like it and had similar predictor scores as you did and I passed in 75 questions. I would advice you to stop studying a day or two before the exam and just try to relax. You will make yourself crazy! Good luck. Specializes in ICU, trauma, neuro. Has 12 years experience. Jun 10, My pain point is that the Uworld sample is "biased" by above average students. Stated differently if you are above the 40th percentile on Uworld you probably stand a very high probability of passing.

If you wanted to "take it up a notch" you could always work through the questions on BoardVitals. However, in the very unlikely event that you failed, I would probably work through the Boardvitals test bank next.

Jun 11, First, I really do not think that's true!! You are more than qualified to be a nurse. Second, I'm really surprised you felt that way! Mine content wise was no where similar to what UWorld gave me Hi there, how many days did you study total? I'm taking the nclex in a couple of weeks but I'm nervous and thinking about rescheduling it? Jun 12, Practice testing may help if you are afraid of test-taking itself.

But it may also make you even more anxious. The best way to help do your best on ANY test is to simply look at each question one at a time, and answer it with the most instinctive answer that comes to mind.I have been staying within the range of throughout my tests and I am in the 92nd percentile. I heard some people say it is a lot more vague, which reminds me of Kaplan and that worries me. Edited Jan 20, by futureicunurse25 I put "high probability" before and it is actually "very high probability".

Specializes in LTC. Has 1 years experience. Jan 20, Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I passed I have all of this knowledge in my brain and it didn't ask me any of it. Those prioritization questions -- you know, where everyone is dying and who do you see first? Yeah, I got a lot of those. And I think that's the general idea: can you think like a nurse? Not, do you know every single fact there is to know about the human body.

But, can you think on your feet, can you handle a crisis Then you get into UWorld and it seems like it's going to be SO much more than that! Even those of us scoring in the 92nd percentile right there with you can start doubting ourselves.

That's it. It's all going to be okay. I have worked so hard and it is just going to kill me if I fail. Plus, I take it on a Friday so there is a chance I might not know my results until Monday which will probably kill me even more.

Jan 21, Plus I just got uworld last Friday and was doing Kaplan up until that! I have done all of the subjects together, timed. Jan 22, U world is the best thing, I tell you. Jan 24, Graduate in May and am using uWorld right meow, it'd be cool if you updated us after you take the NCLEX on whether or not those practice questions were the same caliber and how ya did.

Jan 28, Finished with 75 questions! Did the Pearson Vue trick and it worked! Jan 31, Feb 1, Nurses Specialties Students Career U.

World Articles About Us. Sign In Register Now! Search Search. Posted Jan 20, Taking my test the 25th and I am a ball of nerves!! You're gonna drive yourself completely nuts.

Congraaaaatssss, RN!!You are reading page 5 of Uworld Self-Assessment Exam questions. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page. UWorld Prev 3 4 5 6 Next Maysh. Mar 30, Has 3 years experience. Mar 31, I haven't looked at my PVT yet. Apr 4, I'm confused.

How does the self-assessment work, are people picking the categories or is there an option that randomly test you on different topics? Apr 6, I took the test on March 29, and got the bad popup, after sitting for 4.

Apr 8, Apr 30, Sorry for the late reply!!

u world self assessment

I would definitely use Uworld in conjunction with the 8 week program you bought. Uworld has very good rationales and has really helped me with my critical thinking skills and overall, how to answer NCLEX style questions.

Even if I have no clue what the answer to a question is I can now tease out the right answer obviously sometimes I still get it wrong. May 17, I graduated May 7th, and haven't studied since then. Jun 3, Has 1 years experience. Jun 9, I thought I would add some confidence to anyone out there with scores on the lower end. I passed in 75 questions. My best advice is to relax.

Read the rationale when you're wrong and even when you're right. Jun 17, I am nervous because I scored a very high chance of passing on the first assessment and the second I scored just at average and was borderline. Any advice? Jun 29, What does that mean? How high on the percentile do you have to be to pass?In the end, we need to stop treating customers like metrics and more like people. Treat them right and never ask for anything in return and then reap the benefits.

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u world self assessment

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u world self assessment

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