Nesara canada

Nesara canada

But today I was asked by our Ngari, to tell them exactly and much truth, what is going on right now on Earth. It has also restored the Republic in the United States, which thus ceases to be a private corporation, in the hands of a few Cabal families.

Likewise it is proving the return to the pristine, original U. Constitution, in wind and tide. All that will no longer be allowed, under no circumstances. And the new currency is fully backed by real wealth. Soon the other countries will be deploying Gesara and then there will be a single currency, backed by real wealth. And it will be digital, because it will be part of the Quantum Financial System QFSwhich is already working, although it has not been disclosed yet.

Because the quantum computer detects immediately and in real time, any attempted fraud, theft or whatever and automatically blocks the requested transaction. I ask you, my friends, not to be afraid or afraid. I assure you both you and your families are safe. But their strength is running out, and they know it. Every day there is a new victory of Light. There are more arrests every day.

Most of that planetary elite is already behind bars at Guantanamo. Or under house arrests. We will no longer allow them their onslaught against humans, and we have eliminated any attempt at a third world war. Includes an international armistice. From now on all the peoples of that planet will live in peace and harmony with each other. In short, there will be no more wars.

nesara canada

Every citizen will have more than enough to have a roof, food on the table and health for everyone. Whether or not you have a job, there will always be money in your account.

The role of banks will be another completely different. With the new financial system, there will be the forgiveness of all bank debts. They already started cancelling the debt of the poorest countries. Mortgage and credit or debit card debts will be forgiven anyway.NESARA implements the following changes: Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities.

Abolishes the income tax. Abolishes the IRS. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes. Increases benefits to senior citizens. Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters. Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment.

nesara canada

The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups. Creates a new U. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation.

Initiates new U. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U. Restores financial privacy. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law.

Ceases all aggressive, U. Establishes peace throughout the world. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes. Enables the release of over 6, patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, antigravity, and sonic healing machines.

The original documents are sequestered and those individuals directly involved are still under a strict gag order. I have used as my foundation a history written by James Rink.Changes will begin in the United States. Tell everyone you know! The Collective: Greetings, dear ones! Though financial Abundance is a great blessing, NESARA is far more than a matter of monies disbursed to Lightworkers and others working on behalf of humanity and the higher good of the Earth.

It is more than space travel, and development of higher abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis. It is even more than the opportunity for humankind to finally be free of the shackles of many centuries of oppressive rule from usurpers and warmongers.

It is a powerfully conscious step forward into fifth dimensional living. The forms created there would then spread throughout the world, as more and more countries saw what was possible for a free society—and as increasing levels of Light spread throughout human consciousness. The United States was never originally intended to be a place of the mass murder of millions of Native peoples, mass slavery of millions of Africans, and the mass incarceration and enforced poverty of millions in the present day.

That dream was put to one side, when the old powers-that-were succeeded in bribing, threatening, or assassinating those safeguarding the original ideals of those following and supporting St Germain.

Yes, St Germain was present in the United States in her early years, and as an immortal, is present there still. It was signed into law by then-President Bill Clinton in October This is unprecedented for a third dimensional planet. It requires great vigilance, and some bravery on your parts. But you are fully able. And we are by your side, at every moment. Q: Who are the White Knights, and what do they do?

nesara canada

The White Knights work solely within the Office of the Christ. They carry out many different kinds of missions on behalf of the Ashtar Command, in service to humanity and the higher realms. They do not break ranks in the sense of placating the dark hats in the long run, though they do hide their true identities and missions, as is necessary to ensure their safety and the safe completion of their missions.

The white hats are not White Knights, and are not part of Faction Three. True white hats are simply persons of high ethical standard, conscience, and compassion, who are evolving and wish to support the evolvement and Ascension of Earth and Her people, whether they would describe their work in those terms or not.

These actions have killed millions of innocent people, and injured, traumatized, and left homeless millions more. These occur in places where the old power crowd are highly motivated to keep the local population in fear and chaos, such as the Middle East. Millions have purchased dinars, dongs, or Zimbabwes, believing the false channelings on numerous disinformation websites, which stated that those currencies could be traded in, once NESARA was enacted, and that those holding those currencies would then become millionaires.

This is what so many have yet to grasp, because they do not dare allow themselves to envision that far and that high. Those holding these currencies unwittingly belong to a dark etheric matrix that is draining them of their life force. We powerfully encourage all holding these currencies to immediately trade them in, or to burn them.

I think there will be a lot of upset people. The Collective:. Thank you for these excellent questions! You are going away from it, into complete human freedom and sovereignty.This is an Awareness Blog to consider the future of your world.

Actions are being done now to restore our freedom. County, State, and National Assemblies are forming across our world nullifying the corrupt corporations. Participate and be a part of making history! Donations via paypal can be made to freewillnesara gmail. I invite you all to visit the grocery store or the local butcher and you will find that when you decode the "price per pound" or "other numbers" appearing on the packaging in the form of "weights and measures" or "nutritional information" that it all decodes into biblical curses; lust, craving, failure, to come to an end death.

This results in literally feeling my body burning from the inside out. I made it 24 hours but not in the proper grace that is required it was like an exorcismmy second attempt I called it early because I could feel the cursed meal i'd eaten previous just burning me alive and I knew I would not make it the full 48 hours.

I invite you all to go to the meat market section of your grocery store or the butcher and pick up a package of meat any meat and look at the price per pound, remove any decimals. Oaths to the "fake governments" and to the "fake churches" are collectively canceled out. GAD, I am still waiting for that armored transport or a security detail, some clean un-cursed food might make the difference between life yours and otherwise.

Although let it be known that if some harm should come to me I do forgive humanity in advance so that no reprisal should come upon mankind in my name, and if my authority should allow it I vote against "The Prosecution" being allowed to judge humanity on the grounds of the prosecution having fully eaten from the fruit of the poisonous tree entrapment, falsifying evidence, fraud, coercion, corruption.

Happening now:

Posted by Sun Tzu at AM 0 comments. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Do you have Questions that you want answered? Do you want to get involved? This is the real deal folks. This is our last chance to do it right and nullify the contract that employed the U. Corporation to provide 19 governmental services to the people. This is our right under Article 1 of the Bill of rights. This also nullifies General Order of Search This Blog "if this search box is working".

Donation to assist in efforts to restore our republic Donations via paypal can be made to freewillnesara gmail.

nesara canada

Born in Died in National Assembly of the people returning to self governance Join the forums and introduce yourself so your state coordinator can connect with you. First hour is assembly business - Second hour is general discussion.

Military Flag. No money involved here!!! Always runs fast and way more stable. Follow by Email.The proposals were never introduced before Congress. NESARA has since become better known as the subject of a cult-like conspiracy theory promoted by Shaini Candace Goodwindoing business as "Dove of Oneness", who claimed that the act was actually passed with additional provisions as the National Economic Security and Reformation Actand then suppressed by the George W.

Bush administration and the Supreme Court.


Goodwin's conspiracy emails have been translated into several languages and have a large following online. Harvey Francis Barnard —a Louisiana State University graduate in systems philosophyand an engineering consultant and teacher, created the NESARA proposal during the late s and early s. Based on a theory that debt is the number one economic factor inhibiting the growth of the economy, and compound interest the number one "moral evil" and reason for debt, Barnard made several other attempts during the s to draw political attention to the problems he saw in the US economy, and his suggested economic recovery proposal based on the root causes he determined.

After these did not succeed, he decided in to release the proposal to the public domain and publish it on the internet. It is claimed that the new law was to be implemented at 10 a. Supposedly an earlier gag order issued by the Supreme Court had prohibited any official or private source from discussing it, under penalty of death. Goodwin often claimed that Bush officials were attempting to hack into and bring down her web site to prevent her from publicizing the law.

One supporter, Sheldan Nidleties the imminent NESARA announcement into his years-old prophecy of an imminent large scale UFO visitation by benevolent aliens occasionally on his website reports, but more prominently in his videos, [12] seminars and public appearances.

The News Tribune has traced the story behind at least some of these photos photos of trucks driving around Washington, D. He denied that NESARA had been enacted into law or even assigned a tracking numberand condemned Goodwin's allegations as a disinformation campaign.

Pointing to the fact that Goodwin, Lee, and Nidle frequently solicited donations from their readers, they accuse these leaders to be primarily interested in securing a steady stream of income for themselves.

These include a " channeled " cosmic being called " Hatonn " [26] an android Pleiadeanand another named Sananda. Pallas Athena is regarded as being the Vice-Commander of the saucer fleet.


Ashtar Ashtar Sheran is regarded in these teachings as being third-in-command. Bush as a disguised reptilian often co-occurs with this claim. The prominence of failed prophecy also lends support to the cult theory. These claims have been made too many times to enumerate, without ever coming to fruition. It was prophesied that spiritual beings and UFOs would intervene with Bush's plans and prevent the war.

The woman's daughter said the actual amount is much larger, in the hundreds of thousands. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The News Tribune. Retrieved 21 April Also reproduced here by the Cult Education Institute. The Advocate. Archived from the original on 1 December Archived from the original on 3 July Archived from the original on 16 April Treasury Currency Info; Pros.Sunday, March 15, Edit this post. What is it? In short. It was formed by Farmers that were taken advantage of by the government.

They incorporated a section of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. It's the 14th Amendment! Read it carefully! Papa Bush knew his son was a defacto President so he moved in the White House to make sure his stupid son would NOT enforce the Power to the People, the doing away of Corruption in the government and return our wealth!

Every American Citizen over the age of What happens to us? What happens to the World? We live in wealth and prosperity! Remember when President Trump said to Dream Big He meant it! And we are watching this happen right now! My Comments in Question Form!

Funds allocated towards the Global Prosperity funds. Did Justice Roberts work together with Bush Jr. Was Bush Jr. Did you know it completely wipes out your debts? Did you know that over 6, patents for cures for diseases will be released? Did you know it was initially formed by fighting farmers that got defrauded?

There was only one problem, USA did not have enough bullions And where did Trump recently return from? And Trump worked out a deal with India, buy from us and pay it in gold!

And India is a friendly partner for now. Never ever has this happened in my lifetime! It's a Win Win! This is not about Democrat or Republican, Left or Right They are from both sides! I will not stand for anyone, regardless of party, that prohibits what is owed to us, our wealth! I will not stay silent about Justice Roberts until he resigns from his posts a Chief Justice and from the Supreme Court! I always wondered why Roberts was such a weasel!

How much more corrupt can our system be if the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America is so corrupt to steal from hundreds of millions of Americans! Now Corona Virus is targeting people. Here are a few links for you to Enjoy!Discovery Channel Conspiracy of Silence.

Is it a hoax or a scam? The "Dove of Oneness" version was promulgated at www. I highly recommend this article as it beautifully shows how some people are ensnared in this and so many other scams.

The website was discontinued in after Goodwin's death.

Canadian Patriot Podcast Episode 222

This link takes you to an archived copy of her website on archive. The second version, run by a Ph. Barnard clearly denounced Dove. Though Barnard died inthe nesara.

This link takes you to an archived copy of Barnard's website. I find it hard to believe any of them, though there is certainly some convincing information presented for those who don't explore deeper into the matter. Dove's claims that it was secretly passed by Congress in were a fabrication, as made clear in this article. Anyone who is encouraging you to spend money and go into debt because it won't matter anymore in the future is, in my opinion, highly suspect, especially if they are asking for your money.

Read the email exchange I had on this below and the following two articles. Both articles are quite intriguing. Don't believe everything written here, but consider that at least some of it may be true. I invite you to be careful if you do choose to be involved in this matter.

I especially don't advise going further into debt with the hope that it will all be forgiven. The NESARA bill written by Barnard had some thought-provoking ideas in it, yet I'm certain it never was accepted in Congress, and it has been used by Dove and others to promote a big, sophisticated hoax. It is likely that disinformation agents are helping to promote it to lead good people down false rabbit holes. I invite us all to open to our spiritual guidance and ask for what's best for all in these matters.

Take care. I ran across a quote of yours on Jean Hudon's email list.