Natto vitamin k2

Natto vitamin k2

Vitamin K activates the factors both to encourage and to inhibit blood coagulation. Vitamin K activates both blood coagulation promoting factors and blood coagulation inhibiting factors. This is an essential nutrient for healthy blood coagulation and this will not make the blood coagulation easier even if taken a lot.

Vitamin K and Natto - What's the Connection?

Moreover the recent researches show that Vitamin K has very important functions such as activating osteocalcin, which is an ossific protein, and matrix Gla protein, which is a protein that prevents heart disease through inhibiting the calcium deposition on arteries; therefore it can be said that this is an absolutely necessary nutrient in order to have a healthy life.

There are two main types of Vitamin K. There is only one kind of Vitamin K 1 whereas Vitamin K 2 has various kinds with different lengths of side chains and they are called menaquinone. The type of Vitamin K 2 contained in natto is menaquinone-7 MK-7 and natto contains Vitamin K 2 the most around the world. In addition it has been revealed that Vitamin K 2 MK-7 contained in natto is most nutritious amongst all the vitamins by the recent research.

It is known that the level of Vitamin K in the blood of involutional osteoporosis patients is lower than healthy people. It has been found out that the amount of natto consumption and femoral neck fracture are negatively-correlated and that the fracture rate is lower where natto is consumed more.

However, no correlation is found between the amount of processed soybean food and the fracture rate. TIME Sep. MK-4 can get possibly broken before it gets absorbed by intestinal canal and reaches liver either because MK-4 absorption is low or because it is very frail. What is Vitamin K 2. Vitamin K Vitamin K activates the factors both to encourage and to inhibit blood coagulation.

Encourages healthy blood coagulation by firstly taken in the liver. After that, inhibits the calcium deposition on blood vessel, which is one of the causes of arteriousclerosis, by activating matrix Gla protein, moving through the blood. Finally encourages bone formation by activating osteocalcin in bone marrow.

Thrombus Prevention Month. News Release: Thrombus occurs on Monday.Last Updated on September 30, by Michael Joseph. Natto is a type of fermented soy made by the Lacto-fermentation of soybeans. The first step in this production process is to collect the soybeans, wash them, and then soak them in water for up to one day.

After this, the soybeans are steamed in a pressure cooker, which softens the beans and makes them easier to ferment. Following the steaming process, the soybeans are mixed together with a starter culture called Bacillus subtilis var.

The fermented soybeans also produce stretchy strings when they move, which look similar to the strings that hang off melted mozzarella cheese. Perhaps for these reasons, natto usually comes packaged with small sachets of soy sauce and mustard.

When it comes to the taste of natto, it seems that people either love it or hate it. For those that prefer a milder flavor, it might be worth looking into misowhich is another fermented soy food.

As shown in the following table, natto is an excellent source of these two nutrients. In addition to being rich in protein and fiber, natto also offers significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. According to the USDA, here are the essential nutrients in every grams of natto 1 :. It is also worth noting that natto contains a substantial amount of vitamin K2, but this vitamin is rarely listed on nutritional databases for food.

As shown above, natto contains high concentrations of several essential minerals, particularly copper, manganese, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Natto contains Bacillus subtilis, a bacterium that research has shown can improve the growth of intestinal lactobacilli 2.

Lactobacilli colonize the gut, and they are part of the human microbiota. One such benefit of lactobacillus species is that they produce lactic acid, which can help to inhibit pathogenic bacteria infection. These Lactobacillus strains also appear to form barriers to help protect the intestinal epithelium against bacterial invasion 45. In a randomized controlled trial featuring participants agedsupplementation with Bacillus subtilis also appeared to stimulate immune response and increase resistance to infectious disease 6.

There are numerous forms of vitamin K2, but there are two primary vitamin K2 compounds found within food 7 :. Animal foods such as liver, cheese, and egg yolks tend to be the best form of MK-4, whereas natto is by far the best source of MK Natto contains more absolute amounts of vitamin K2 than any other food. In this regard, research suggests that natto provides anywhere from mcg to mcg of vitamin K2 per grams 1011 Furthermore, the form of vitamin K2 found within natto—menaquinone-7—raises plasma levels of vitamin K more effectively and for longer than either vitamin K1 or menaquinone-4 7.

For more vitamin K2 options, the Korean dish cheonggukjang is another fermented soy dish that contains large amounts of this vitamin. It is thought that vitamin K2 may play a potential role in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. This belief comes from research suggesting that vitamin K helps to prevent calcium deposition in the arteries, and instead direct it to the bone 13 In the Rotterdam Study, a large observational study that followed participants, there was a statistically significant association between menaquinone intake and reduced cardiovascular risk.

To be specific, participants consuming more than As previously mentioned, the vitamin K2 found within natto may help direct calcium to the skeletal system 13 It is perhaps for this reason that natto intake is also associated with increased bone mineral density.Natto is a traditional Japanese food that is usually consumed with tempeh, fish, and rice.

Natto is prepared through the fermentation process of whole soybeans. The soybeans are soaked, then steamed, and afterward the bacteria Bacillus subtilis is added to the mixture. The mixture is then left to ferment over time. Natto Vitamin K2 has numerous nutritional benefits. The fermented product is high in several nutrients including vitamin, proteins, and fibers. Natto is also an excellent source of minerals such as potassium.

The bacterial organism produces an enzyme known as nattokinase which gives rise to vitamin K2. According to a report that was released by the Department of Public Health, Natto provides times more vitamin K2 than cheese. Vitamin K2 has a load of health benefits. According to the National Institutes of Health, vitamin K2 is a fundamental component of the bone structure.

The circulatory system is comprised of several miles of blood vessels including the arteries, veins, arterioles, and the capillaries. The blood vessels help distribute oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body. The vital role played by the circulatory system makes it essential to keep them healthy and functional. Most experts recommend the intake of vitamin K2 to help maintain a healthy circulatory system. The vitamin transports calcium into the bones preventing a possible formation of calcified plaque in the blood vessels.

The Vitamin K2 Expert

Calcification of the blood vessels could lead to the narrowing of the arteries causing a decrease in blood flow. Natto Vitamin K2 shuttles calcium into the bones and teeth where they have a role to play. By directing the mineral to places like the bones and teethvitamin K2 promotes a healthy bone structure. It also helps prevent the formation of cavities in the teeth. Vitamin K2 also prevents the buildup of calcium in the kidneys which could result in kidney stones.

The accumulation of the calcium in the blood vessels could also lower blood supply thus increasing the risks of getting a heart-related disorder. Studies indicate that calcification of the arteries can occur when an individual consumes too much of calcium-rich foods accompanied by a low intake of vitamin K2, magnesium, and vitamin D3. Vitamin K2 is needed to direct the excess calcium in the body to the bones and teeth and keep it away from soft tissues such as the arteries.

A Rotterdam study revealed that individuals who consume foods that are rich in vitamin K2 are less likely to die from a cardiovascular related disorder. Oral health is crucial for an overall body health. Vitamin K2 is useful in promoting a healthy oral cavity.

Experts recommend the vitamin for remineralization of the teeth and preventing the formation of cavities.Last Updated on January 3, by Michael Joseph. Vitamin K2, otherwise known as menaquinone, is an essential vitamin that has some important benefits for our health. Firstly, we can find vitamin K2 in animal foods menaquinone-4 and certain plant foods usually menaquinone-7 that have undergone a fermentation process.

Unfortunately, quantifying the amount of vitamin K2 in a specific food is incredibly difficult.

natto vitamin k2

The reason for this is because the amount of vitamin K2 in food heavily depends on the diet of the animal for animal foods. With plant foods, the type and amount of bacterial strains used for fermentation influence the available vitamin K2 content. In this article, we present 20 of the top foods high in vitamin K2. Note: there is no specific daily value recommended intake for vitamin K2 alone, but the recommended intake for total vitamin K is mcg.

Natto is a popular and traditional Japanese food made by fermenting soybeans with a bacteria called Bacillus subtilis for around 24 hours. Notably, natto is the most significant dietary source of vitamin K2, and it contains mcg per grams 1. However, not everyone is a fan. The taste and slimy texture of this fermented food is an acquired taste; people seem to either love it or hate it.

In addition to its vitamin K2 content, natto is also a good source of various minerals including copper, iron, magnesium, and manganese 2. In this particular study, the Norwegian cheese Jarlsberg was one of the best vitamin K2 sources with 73 mcg of vitamin K2 per grams 3. There are all kinds of different factors which can affect the vitamin K2 content in cheese, and these can include. Although people tend to associate natto with soybeans, they are not the only food used to produce natto.

While black bean natto is not quite as high in vitamin K2 as soybean natto, it is not far behind with mcg of the vitamin per grams 4. In this case, it is also true for vitamin K2, and goose liver is one of the best animal sources of this vital nutrient. Per grams, research has demonstrated goose liver to contain mcg of the vitamin 5.

Particularly popular in France, goose liver can be harder to find in some areas.

natto vitamin k2

However, a quick Internet search should show local places where it is available for purchase. Cheonggukjang is a type of fermented bean curd stew native to South Korea, and it shares some similarities to natto. Similar to other sources of vitamin K2, research shows that the menaquinone content can vary between different tests on the food. However, these studies show that cheonggukjang has menaquinone content ranging from mcg to mcg per grams 6.

Chicken liver is another organ meat rich in menaquinone-4, and it provides For anyone unsure about how to cook this food, there is a healthy recipe here for garlic chicken livers. Hard varieties of cheese like Gouda are an excellent source of vitamin K2, and they contain various types of menaquinone, ranging from MK-4 to MK In addition to this, the cheese is an excellent source of protein and several other nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, and zinc Eggs provide eight micrograms of menaquinone-4 per grams, which is approximately four micrograms per egg 1.

Given that many people consume three or four eggs in an omelet or scramble, eggs can provide a decent amount of the vitamin. As mentioned earlier, this K2 content will differ from egg to egg, and it will not be a universal set amount.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the vitamin K2 content is within the egg yolk. In other words; eating only the egg whites means missing out on menaquinone as well as many other essential nutrients.The answer is: It depends. Marketing geniuses have posited soy as the wonder health alternative to virtually everything.

Unfortunately, though, many forms of soy are not necessarily as healthy as food manufacturers would like you to believe. The problem is the soy you see in all these foods is not the traditionally grown crop of Japan.

Natto: The Fermented Soy Superfood

So what is natto, and how can it impact your health? Natto is a traditional food usually consumed at Japanese breakfast tables together with miso soup, fish and rice. Tofu, tempeh, miso and natto are all whole food forms of soybean.

It is then allowed to ferment over time. Natto is known to be a rather acquired taste, probably due to its unique smell and texture. So what does natto taste like? It has a distinct, bitter flavor, and for many people, the ammonia smell may evoke a mixture of old socks and cheese. As for the texture, it resembles a gooey, stringy and sticky small bean, which also adds to its unappealing nature.

People typically have strong feelings toward natto — they tend to either love it, hate it or eat it until it grows on them.

Fermented Soybeans - Plant Based Vitamin K2 from Natto

In fact, the Department of Public Health reports that it contains times more vitamin K2 than cheese! Created during the fermentation process, nattokinase is used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including: 5. It helps synthesize enzymes, which are used to reduce blood clotting and produces vitamin K and B vitamins.

Natto is loaded with several important micronutrients that play an important part in bone health.

natto vitamin k2

Calciumfor example, is one of the main structural components of bone tissue and absolutely essential to preventing bone loss throughout the life span. Filling up on probiotic foods like natto can help balance the bacteria in your gut to optimize the health of your digestive system.

Research shows that disruptions in this delicate gut microbiome can have serious consequences ranging from digestive issues to increased allergy severity and beyond. Topping the charts as one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, it should come as no surprise that squeezing a serving or two of natto into your diet can have a big impact on the health of your heart. With over nine grams of fiber packed into each cup, it may help lower cholesterol levels to prevent plaque buildup in the arteries.

Plus, studies even show that consumption of nattokinase, the main enzyme found in natto, has been associated with lower blood pressure and decreased blood clotting. Keeping your blood pressure under control can help ease the stress on your arteries and keep your heart muscle healthy and strong.

It is as an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Rich in macronutrients and micronutrients, natto is fantastically nutritious, which is why people who regularly consume it experience a wide array of health benefits. One cup about grams of natto contains approximately: In addition to the nutrients listed above, natto also contains a small amount of folate, pantothenic acid and sodium as well.

It is important to note that nattokinase is not found in other non-fermented soy foods, which makes the distinction between natto and unfermented, genetically modified soy very clear. With that said, while fermented soybeans are a packed powerhouse of goodness, other soy products are packed powerhouses of health risks.

For the most part, unfermented soy is full of:. Unfortunately when it comes to GMOs, long-term health risks are still unknown.

natto vitamin k2

One human study on consumption of genetically modified soybeans found that the modified genes for herbicide resistance actually transferred into the digestive tracts of participants and continued to function after the beans were digested.My doctor had never heard of natto or vitamin K2. Is natto really a superfood for bone health and, if so, what's the best way to serve it? What Is Vitamin K? Although vitamin K was identified in the s, right around the same time as vitamins C and E were discovered, it doesn't have anywhere near the name recognition as other nutrients.

It was first identified by German researchers who discovered that it was essential for proper blood-clotting. The "K" stands for "koagulation. Without this nutrient in your system, you might bleed to death. Vitamin K1, also known as phylloquinone, is the form that's found in vegetables, in particular, leafy greens like kale, collards, and spinach.

Vitamin K2, also known as menoquinone, is a form produced in animal tissues. In terms of helping to build healthy bones and other health benefits, vitamin K2 is thought to be the more potent form. Continue reading on QuickAndDirtyTips. You have free article s left. Already a subscriber? Sign in. See Subscription Options. Celebrating Years of Discovery. Learn More. Fiber 2. Get smart. Sign up for our email newsletter. Sign Up. See Subscription Options Already a subscriber? Sign In See Subscription Options.Would Recommend: Yes Loading.

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