Huawei p30 pro screenshot not working

Huawei p30 pro screenshot not working

Hello all, My screenshot gesture is not working. No matter how many times I knock against my phone screen, it doesn't take any screen shots. I've tried disabling it and enable it again but it doesn't work. Restarted my phone also doesn't work.

Do anyone have any idea how to resolve issue? Thanks in advance for your help.

Huawei P30 Troubleshooting

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Thread Deleted Email Thread. Attached Thumbnails. Thanks Meter : 2, Join Date: Joined: Dec Knock louder? Maybe they're out the back. Senior Member. Thanks Meter : What issues are you experiencing? Learn how to troubleshoot the problem by checking out the steps that. This problem can be caused by either software bug or hardware malfunction. To fix this error, check out the solutions that you can try below. One of the common issues a lot of Android users encounter is about Bluetooth connections.

We listed the troubleshooting steps below to help you deal with your issue. Before we proceed, we want to remind you that. Are you having trouble with mobile data on your Huawei P30? Be sure to read through all the solutions and perform them. How to fix mobile data not working on Huawei P The latest flagship from Huawei, the P30 and P30 Pro, both pack an amazing array of hardware and camera system.

The specifications of these devices push the envelope particularly when it comes to the camera. Despite that, the Huawei flagships are not perfect and many users have reported strange issues when it comes to the. There can be many different reasons why factory reset, or some calls it, hard reset, is performed. Learn about the two ways to perform hard reset or factory reset on your device below.

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First 10 Things To Do On The Huawei P30 & P30 Pro Out Of The Box (EMUI 9.1 10 Tips & Tricks)

How to fix Huawei P30 unresponsive touchscreen Screen keeps freezing What to do if Huawei P30 screen is cracked Troubleshooting bad screen issue Screen keeps on flickering Screen is black but phone is powered on How to repair broken screen Display shows some dead pixels. Android 9. Comes with stereo speakers 3. Non-removable Li-Po mAh battery Fast battery charging OLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors 6. Wi-Fi Dimensions: Recent Guides.

How to fix Huawei P30 camera problems troubleshooting camera software issues By Harvey November 6, The smartphone is an addiction of new generation. So, everyone uses a smartphone, and all people has this habit. But you choose Huawei pro. Huawei P20 pro is amazing Smartphone. Are you disturbed by Screen and performance issues? I also disturb from Black screen Huawei P20 Pro problem.

If you have the same problem so defiantly you have one question that My phone has a black screen how do I fix it? Guys our team hand Huawei P20 pro-Unresponsive Black screen solution. Here we give you tips on How to fix a black screen on your Huawei P20 Pro. So, follow my guideline step by step and solve this issue easily. Here some step like factory reset, use third-party safe mode. Hard reboot and restart, charging problem, etc. Use above all tips and solve your issue.

Still not solve so go your nearby mobile store and check your mobile, maybe its hardware issue. Was this post helpful? Submit Honest Feedback. Let us know if you liked the post. Related Articles. We will be happy to hear your thoughts.

huawei p30 pro screenshot not working

Leave a reply Cancel reply.Each time you open an app on your phone, the app generates data in different sections of your RAM. Huawei P30 has a lot of RAM space which enables it to run several applications at a go. Backed up with a HiSilicon Kirin 7 nm chipset your Huawei P30 should be a four-wheel-drive phone.

Even with these features some applications still fail to run smoothly. Below are tips on how you can fix the issue. This is probably the first thing you should do in case your apps start acting out weird.

Most apps work by generating codes of data at times these codes are generated so fast and may come out wrong. This can lead to the formation of system bugs and if this happens the apps may fail to respond as they should and your device may have trouble running the apps.

A simple way to correct this is by quitting the app and then starting it again. After this go back to your home menu screen and launch the app again.

Huawei Share OneHop

Apps that are outdated are not good for your phone and that is why app developers always roll out updates from time to time. Running applications that are out of date can cause your phone to experience problems while opening them. This is because the phone system is designed to run on apps that are compatible with the available system update. Trying to run an old app on a new system that has been recently updated can cause the app not to respond. To get the latest application updates, visit the Google Play Store.

This is can be effective especially if the app developed some error the first time you installed it. By uninstalling the app you are deleting the app and all the data associated with it. If everything goes well the error will also be deleted after which you can install the app again. Apps can be unresponsive if there is too much-cached data within the system. Clearing the cache can also be a good way of fixing app-related issues.

The good thing about cache clearing is that it can be done without losing important app data. Installing apps from unauthorized sources can also cause apps not to respond. This is mainly because some of those apps are not compatible with your system. To avoid this, only download applications from trusted sources. If your apps are still unresponsive after trying all the above consider a reboot.

This will help in clearing out any error that may have caused the apps to malfunction. Rebooting your phone will form a clean slate from which the apps will effectively run on after the phone is done rebooting.

To reboot your phone simple long press the Power button until your device vibrates. As confirmation that the reboot is successful, you will see a Huawei logo on your screen. Share Tweet.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. How to back up WhatsApp media and messages.More Products. More Services. Go to Support Homepage. Note: Huawei Share OneHop features vary with compatible models. Note: When connecting your phone to laptop for the first time, you need to open PC Manager, and read and agree to the user agreement.

Once your phone is connected to the laptop, the phone screen will automatically pop up on the laptop. Easily manoeuver around your phone with a larger screen! Typing: Type easily with any text editing apps such as Notepad and more using the keyboard. You can also copy and paste text between your laptop and phone seamlessly. Once your phone is connected to the laptop, you can start transferring images, videos, and documents using Huawei Share OneHop.

For a better user experience, please use the latest version of Internet Explorer or switch to another browser. Suggested results. Quick Service. Hot Search. Popular Recommendation. Transfer files instantly between the two. Share clipboards, documents, and more. Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your laptop. Make sure that PC Manager is running in the background.

Tap the NFC detection area on your phone to the Huawei Share icon on your laptop until the phone rings or vibrates. Multi-Screen Collaboration Once your phone is connected to the laptop, the phone screen will automatically pop up on the laptop.

Control your phone from the laptop. On the virtual screen: Clicking: Use the mouse to interact with apps on your phone. Scrolling: Move across the home screen or scroll up and down on screens. Click for full display, or to minimise the display. Open Gallery or Files on the virtual screen. Click and hold a file until it gives you the option to select multiple files.Having a touchscreen problem on your Huawei P30?

This is one of the most common problems just for Huawei phones but for the rest of devices with touchscreens. Before we proceed, we want to remind you that if you are looking for solutions to your own Android or Fitbit issue, you can contact us by using the link provided at the bottom of this page.

How to use split-screen mode on Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro

When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution. If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers. Are you having trouble with your Huawei P30 touchscreen becoming unresponsive?

Learn how to deal with this problem by following the suggestions below. A lot of times, touchscreen issues are results of bad or broken hardware. The most common reason is when a smartphone is accidentally dropped or hit by a hard object. If your Huawei P30 touchscreen started acting weird or became unresponsive after you dropped the device, or after you break the screen, you can assume that bad hardware is to blame.

Phone makers know that the screen does not just functions as a display but as a gateway to the software in general. For a user, the only way to interact or manipulate apps and software is via the touchscreen. Phone manufacturers have to make sure that the screen is as strengthened as possible. But just like any fortified glass out there, the screen can still break and when it occurs, the only way to deal with it is replacement. If the touchscreen became unresponsive following an accidental fall, there may be very limited things that you can do.

Related reading: What to do if Huawei P30 screen is cracked troubleshooting bad screen issue. If your Huawei P30 was never dropped or damaged in any way, the next thing that you can do is to see if a screen protector is affecting the sensitivity of the digitizer. First, try cleaning the screen with clean, soft cloth.

Hopefully, that will bring the device to its working normal order and everything would be fine afterwards. If nothing changes, continue with the troubleshooting steps below. Software and apps updates usually offer fix patch to obliterate existing problems inflicted by random bugs and malicious software.

You will then see a list of apps with pending updates. Just tap on Update to install individual app updates or tap Update All to update apps simultaneously. Should nothing work and your Huawei P30 P30 touchscreen is still unresponsive, the next step to do is to perform soft reset. This troubleshooting step is one of the basic device troubleshooting that can fix all sorts of troubles. Soft reset is basically a simulation of the effects of pulling out the battery since you are unable to physically do that.

Restarting a device can sometimes do wonders. Try to do a forced reboot by pressing and holding the Power key for 10 to 15 seconds.

huawei p30 pro screenshot not working

If your phone works, it should reboot and you should feel a vibration and see the Huawei logo. In case you do not feel the vibration and the screen is still blank, then simply press and hold the Power Key for more time until you see the device restart itself. If nothing changes after attempting to reboot the device a few times, you can abandon this troubleshooting and proceed to the next ones below.

In some software-related cases, the cause is a corrupted system cache. Android uses a system cache in order to launch apps quickly. Sometimes, this cache may become corrupted or outdated after an update or app installation. This can lead to problems.In this post, we have shared a simple tutorial to take a Screenshot on any Huawei Honor Android smartphone using Hardware buttons and quick Shortcuts menu. Huawei, one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in China is well known for offering quality handsets at an affordable price tag.

Many users who already own Huawei Honor smartphone find difficulty in taking screenshots. So, here we have a quick guide on how to take multiple screenshots on Huawei handsets.

huawei p30 pro screenshot not working

There are two different methods to be followed for capturing the screen of Huawei Honor Android smartphones — 1. Hardware buttons and 2. Using a shortcut icon. Let look on both the methods one after another. Screenshots via hardware buttons are one of the popular methods to capture the screen of your Huawei smartphone. Users just need to locate the hardware buttons on their device and then follow the below-listed instruction to take a screenshot.

This is one of the common feature seen on most of the current generation smartphones. Read on the following for the guide —.