Ford focus rattle under car

Ford focus rattle under car

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How to fix a rattling heat shield under your car

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ford Focus 1. Thread starter delboyukuk Start date Sep 15, When I pull away in 1st gear at low revs I get a rattling noise from under the car until I get to about revs then it goes. Same happens in 2nd gear. But 3rd its not noticebale and 4th and 5th not noticeable at all.

Have I got a problem? Also when I am at traffic lights the engine ratlles more than usual, but when I put my clutch in it stops, Should I be concerend about this also? IanW Well-known Member. It sounds to me like it just may be the Exhaust resonating - Could always drop into a well known Exhaust centre to check the mounts are all a ok. There is also most likely a manifold heat shield in the engine bay make sure this hasnt come close. Reminds me of when the 1st Sport Corsa came out where the handbrake cable rattled on the exhaust sounding like a baked bean in a tin - Parrrp.

Chipster Standard Member. You dont say how old car is or mileage. But if noise stops when you put the clutch in then that may be a clutch assy or thrust bearing fault. Not really a rattle sound though. Like riget says, could also be a gearbox prob.

In fact it could be almost anything, but best you get it checked by a mechanic to identify and sort out in case there is something serious. An inspection and repair now could save you a lot of money in the future.

Maybe its something simple. Good luck.

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Daddy k. Daddy k said:. Its a 52 plate done nearly 70k miles. Had clutch replaced about a year ago has been making the noise when idle play store java phoneky then putting clutch in stops the noise afterwards, can this be related.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow.

ford focus rattle under car

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Sep 21, So I'm going to be taking the car in to the dealer but I wanted to post here to see if anyone has come across a similar problem. At first I though suspension because it sounds almost like what my wife's car was doing before I had the sway bar links replaced. However, it doesn't happen all the time. Last night, it was making noise like crazy and then this morning on the way to work Which worries me that it won't do it for the dealer when I take it in.

I got under the car a little last night to check if anything was loose. Exhaust, bolts, heat shield, etc. Couldn't find anything, but I'll admit I didn't look long. Seeing as how it doesn't happen all the time, does anyone have any ideas I could look for in case it doesn't do it when I take it in?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Joined May 20, Jes T said:. Also, if it helps, car has only about 8k miles. Joined Jun 25, Mine is doing the same thing, plus it creaks like crazy at parking lot speed when I turn the wheel slowly. I'm replacing the strut bearings today. Joined Sep 4, Had a similar issue here. It would get worse on particularly humid days. Dealer looked at it and greased it based on a TSB I have not had the issue since.

However, I fully expect to need to replace struts and bearings relatively soon based on what I have read about how long they last on the ST. Well now its turned into a really bad creak instead of a clunk. Joined Oct 4, Im not pretty sure there is a tsb for that. Heres the link. Thats a lot to go through. I'll look it over when i get home. I went to the ford owners site and looked up my VIN and it said I didn't have any services for my car. Am I not at the right spot? Joined Feb 17, Baxter said:.Just recently, my 56 plate Focus, has developed an annoying rattle, that seems to be coming from the rear driverside door area, near the seatbelt.

I can drive from home to work 40milesand back again, and it only starts sometimes, when i am near to home again on the return journey. Tried tightening up everything I can think of, but no luck. Only thing I have not done is remove the door card, on the rear, as they are a nightmare to remove.

The only fault I can find is the heat shield under the car is loose, and rattles whenever a door or tailgate is shut. Could this cause a completely different noise in the car?? My wife has sat in the back, but it didnt do it much, and she thought it was coming from the bootspace in the middle I had a similar annoying rattle in a previous car and almost turned teh car inside out before noticing that one of the rear roof clips had come loose!

Something I forgot to add The car has been very recently serviced, and only noticed noise after this.

ford focus rattle under car

The rear brake pads were replaced at this service. Could caliper retaining pins, be the source. Actually went up and asked ford, and they actually gave some advice, before I spend money so I have greased the latches on both passenger rear doors, and the tailgate latch. Hi the heat shield is loose on my wifes 53 plate Focus 1.

So don't want to spend silly money getting it fixed, I'd sooner live with the rattle. Is there another fix that is safe to use, I have heard about using the metal putty repair type stuff.

Would it be possible to remove the screws and then screw them back in with some penny washers or something?? Not sure it these would need to be heat proof or anything though?? Just remove it all together that's what my mate did in his st having no problems been like that over a year now. Nah would be a bit cautious about removing the heat shield, especially as it is used to carry my wife and three children around in.

Looking at the nuts I think I will struggle to remove them, so the metal putty stuff might be my only option or put up with the rattle. Next thing for me to look at is the gear lever is a bit stiff, goes into gear fine, no grating but just feels heavy.

Clutch is OK though. Could be time to get rid perhaps, but don't think I'll get much for it and could end up with something worse than I have now for the money I have to spend. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

ford focus rattle under car

Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Aug 20, I have a ST3. With the FRPP tune. The tune has been on the car since miles, the car now has I checked to make sure it was nothing in the cabin area. Kind of hard to tell. Under normal acceleration it is not there.

This has never been a issue previously, under any driving conditions. It's still under warranty, and due for service soon, so I'm going to bring it in. I was just curious if there was something I should have them look for specific if anyone has had a similar experience. Joined May 21, I have an appointment with my Ford dealership next week, for what possibly sounds like the same issue as you. It's not super loud but definitely noticeable at low speeds.

Tappin' with my G3. Joined Nov 2, Traffic22 said:. Joined Jan 26, You wouldnt be running an MBRP downpipe would you?Overall I do love the car, it is gorgeous. However, I am becoming increasingly irritated by unwanted noises. Most noticeable at high speeds such as on the motorway. The second is related to the B and O sound system.

When there is bass heavy songs playing, there is a highly annoying rattle that comes from both the drivers door and the passenger door.

This may seem minor, however when you pay for a car with high quality interior and a high end sound system, you do not expect the experience to be contaminated by cheap material rattling or what ever the issue may be.

The same goes for the wind noise; when you are paying for a car which prides itself on comfort and luxury in a quite cabin. I was wondering if any other Ford focus or vignale owners have experienced anything similar? And if so did they have any luck resolving the issue. I am yet to receive a reply from Ford themselves or the dealership I purchased the car.

Comments about wind noise from side mirror at speed on this review 2.

Ford Focus Bumps, Rattles & Squeaks

My Focus let's in quite a bit of wind noise through the window sills over 60 mph. It's to do with the poor quality rubber window sills Ford use unfortunately! It's still 'just a Focus' albeit with a nice interior, you aren't going to lose the cheap build quality issues by buying a Vignale unfortunately. Wind noise is standard across the range, very common complaint.

And the rattle from the bass is pretty normal too. Its bass, it rattles everything if you hit the resonant frequency of that particular object no matter how hard you try and prevent it. Even with a very posh variant such as the Vignale the designers are going to have to put up with what might be problems in the original. Large-ish wing mirrors will cause annoying wind noise but may save you moving into the path of an eighteen wheel truck on the M I remember reading somewhere that the Edge uses acoustic glass and thus offers a very calm interior.

I guess the Vignale doesn't run to that. Over a long career of making some poor and one or two very good decisions in car buying, I've always found that you grow used to things that started out driving you nuts.

Fords have always cut corners and penny pinched where possible. Rattles is standard on Fords too. Thankfully the handling and seating position are spot on compared to some other makes.

The Mondy Vignale also uses the laminated glass and noise cancellation technology which makes it spookily quiet compared to a MK4. Shame it doesn't drive like a MK4, it's rather more of a "land barge".

ford focus rattle under car

Hi, I am new to forum also At the moment i am having problems with Sync 3 where it freezes at least twice a day- luckily there is a reboot sequence hold power button and seek right for 10 seconds.

Its a bug and sure it will get sorted. Very disappointed at this and I am waiting to hear from Ford whether they can retrospectively load it after it leaves the factory. Anyone thinking of buying one make sure you get what is in the brochure!

Very pleased with it so far despite the above! In terms of the missing feature, do you have it specified anywhere within the paperwork for your deal as to which version was supposed to be supplied?

If so and it states the newer version I'd be digging my heels in big time with the dealer.Sign In with Edmunds. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign in or Register. On Edmunds. Visit Edmunds How-To Guides. Service Centers in. Browse Forums by:. What Edmunds Says Pros. Got a lease deal in hand?

Give us the details and we'll tell you if it's a good one. Evaluate my deal. Did you get a great deal? Meet your fellow owners in our Owners Clubs. November in Ford. I am looking at a focus wagon with miles. Car seems to be in good condition but when it is started it is loud inside the car as if there is an exhaust leak. When standing outside the car there does not seem to be an exhaust leak. The noise is like a rumbling vibration sound.

Any idea what the cause could be? Tagged: Ford Ford Focus Hatchbacks. August New motor at k miles. I took it in last week thinking I needed shocks and struts because it would bounce all over the place and sounded like something was getting hung up on another and clanking when I turned.

Turned out I had a broken front coil spring. When I left it drove much smoother and nicer. But, when I came to a stop and started to go again, it sounded like the front passenger tire was rubbing on something.Abit of a strange but VERY annoying issue.

While drive over 30mph on certain roads that are not smooth there is a annoying rattle coming from the centre of the dash. It sounds like its under the fans. The sound is like a piece of plastic vibrating - its sooooooo annoying! Any ideas what it could be? Had a look online seems like a few others have it but the best solution I found was to just turn the volume up lol.

I have a aftermarket radio but no cage to secure it so it's sat in there loosely. When driving at speed it vibrates making the noise.

Only fix I can think of is to secure the radio properly. Is there a gap at all around the radio and trim? If so it may still be this. If not it could possibly be something small behind? Like the adapter? Try taping it to something so it can move and drive. See if it makes any difference. If you still want to try, I got my fingers where the trim curves below the heater dials and gave it a good pull and it comes right off, don't be worried about the force used.

Thanks for that mate, I'll give it a try. Have you tried checking the bit of plastic between the steering wheel and the speedo? Mine seems to be lose abit, thats what I'll check next after the dash trim.

How did you get on? I have a very annoying noise too and want to see if any of the above worked! Just found thats the cause of my rattle. While driving and the rattle starts i put my fingers over the button and the rattle stops! Found a youtube guide on how to take the bugger out looks so dam simple! In the video is a MK1 and mines a MK2.

Ive added the link below:.

Ford Focus Bumps, Rattles & Squeaks

Not sure why he's jamming the screwdriver in at that angle. Not sure if the mk2 is the same though. Use the short end of an Allen key, far easier to push with. Mk2 is the same, took my stalk off when fitting an illuminated ignition ring on my old mk2. Sent from my SM-GF.