Ashta matrika mantra

Ashta matrika mantra

Victory over ego and destruction of illusion alone is the great battle of every sincere soul in their journey to enlightenment. On a macrocosmic level, it heralds the ultimate victory of the collective divinity in achieving full awareness of the one limitless undifferentiated consciousness.

A small group of ancient Mother-Goddesses have emerged from hoary antiquity, possibly as early as BCE or earlier. Tantric literature from the 6 th century which has survived to our present time, tell us that worship of these Goddesses became a standard feature in temples throughout India by the 9 th century. It is said that each of these eight Goddesses manifested as eight themselves, resulting the the celebrated 64 Yoginis, so central to Tantra.

Each of these Goddesses represents the core energy and potency of the primary male deities. This ultimately leads to the attainment of miraculous powers siddhis which are manifested in the yantras, mantras, kriyas and pujas associated with these Goddess energies. These Matrikas are found in power shrines throughout the Indian subcontinent. The individual mothers can be identified in various ancient temples by their weapons, ornaments, animal mounts vahanasand banner emblems, which are in some cases the same as that of their corresponding male deities.

Artifacts from the ancient Indus Valley civilization suggest that this or a similar shakti cluster connected to the constellation Pleiades, emerged many thousand years ago. It is considered by adherents of Goddess worship, Unmani Shaktism to be the first representation of the the ancient mothers, so treasured by Tantra. During medieval times, an eighth mother, Sri Lakshmi, was added to the Shakti Cluster resulting in the Ashta Matrikas the eight mothers of wisdom.

Two overarching Goddesses emerge from ancient times. Kali and Durga. Kali is Durga and Durga is Kali. Although they are differentiated, they are also seen as one. The texts record that even the residents of the celestials in the Divine realm Deva Loka could not defeat the buffalo-demon Mahisha, who was running amok creating problems for all those in the light.

Mahisha, in fact, is the personification of ego and darkness of consciousness. Turning to Shiva, the celestials were advised to release their inner spiritual power, for the benefit of all. In doing so, Kali Durga was born. Yoga and Tantra have always taught that the impetus and capacity for action comes from the inner divine female and that the capacity for discrimination emerges from the inner divine male. Thus, the inner power, the shakti energy of the Gods emerged in female form.

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The homam also involves live TV shows and people can watch it from anywhere in the world. Sri Hari Namashtakam adminNovember 10, October Month Prediction adminSeptember 19, Zodiac Predictions May adminApril 28, Goddess Puruhutika Devi adminApril 3, Goddess Shrinkala Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Girija Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Vaishnavi Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Jogulamba Devi adminApril 1, Goddess MahaLakshmi Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Brhamarabika Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Sarvamangala Devi adminMarch 31, Tags: digpala dikpala dikpala mantra dikpala's directions Mantra ten dikpala.

About Author admin. Akshaya Tritiya Puja adminApril 5, Mantra for the Relief from Enemies and Ghosts adminFebruary 8, No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Vajra Thunderbolt. Om Lam Indraya Namah. South East. Shakti Spear. Om Ram Agnaye Namah. Danda Staft. Om Mam Yamaya Namah.

South West. Khadga Broadsword. Om Ksham Nairrataye Namah. Pasa Noose.The sclupture of the Sapta Matrikas are referred to in theKrityaratnakara. The Devi Purana mentions the name of the flowers used for the worship of Matrikas. Preavalence of the worship of the divine mothers is believed to be as early as 3rd millenium B. The earliest epigraphic reference to the Matrikas is to be found in the Gangadhara inscription of Vishwa Varman, in Malwa Samvat, or A.

Aum Dhevee Brahmani Vidmahe. Maha-shakthiyai Cha Dhimahee. Thanno Dhevee Prachodayath. Aum Pisaasath-vajaaya Vidmahe. Soola Hasthaya Dhimahee. Thanno Kali Prachodayath. Aum Sikid-vajaaya Vidmahe. Vajra Hasthaya Dhimahee.


Thanno Gowmari Prachodayath. Aum Gajath-vajaayai Vidmahe. Thanno Indrani Prachodayath. Aum Vrushath-vajaaya Vidmahe. Miruga Hasthaya Dhimahee. Thanno Rowthree Prachodayath. Aum Thaarksh Yathwajaaya Vidmahe. Chakra Hasthaya Dhimahee. Thanno Vaishnavi Prachodayath. Aum Varaaha-muhi Vidmahe. Aanthra-shani Dhimahee. Thanno Yamuna Prachodayath. O Mother [of the universe]!

I visualize Your throne studded with precious gems of thought in the middle of rolling waves in a nectar-ocean, which is sitting in a gem-island, which is surrounded by the heavenly wish-granting trees, which is within the enclosure of Kadamba trees, which is inside a hall with thousands of diamond pillars, and which is on a marvellous pedestal.

ashta matrika mantra

Partake my offering of an auspicious diamond seat for You, which is held by Ishana and others, and which has Shiva as a single plank. Take a holy bath in the water, which is produced by melting, which is mixed with sandalwood-fragrance, kumkuma and shining camphor, in the milk of cow, in the coconut water, and in holy-chanted water.

Partake all these offering of mine with satisfaction. Accept a resplendent garland, a crown with the crescent moon as a crest-jewel, a pearl for the nose, finger rings, and a golden girdle. Partake all these with happiness. I mentally submit garlands made in many ways with the flowers of water-lily, lotus, jasmine, Maruvaka, golden lotuses, Jati, Campaka, Malati, Vakula, Mandara, Kunda and others, Ketaki, and Karaviraka.

You trap His thoughts. O Mother! O Goddess, the daughter of Himalaya!The Matrikas has a paramount significance in Atharva Veda. The iconographical features of the Matrikas have been described in various scriptures such as Puranas and Agamas and the epic Mahabharata.

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Andhakasura had become arrogant because of a boon of immortality received from Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma took the deities to Lord Shiva who agreed to kill the wicked demon- Andhakasura. The battle commenced and a fierce dual fight broke out between Lord Shiva and Andhakasura. Shiva attacked Andhakasura with his trident. In a short time the battlefield was overcrowded with countless Andhakasuras.

ashta matrika mantra

A devotee who worships these eight matrikas on ashtami is blessed. She is depicted yellow in colour and with four heads. She may be depicted with four or six arms.

ashta matrika mantra

Like Brahma, she holds a rosary or noose and kamandalu water pot or lotus stalk or a book or bell and is seated on a Hamsa identified with a swan or goose as her vahana mount or vehicle. She is also shown seated on a lotus with the hamsa on her banner. Maa Brahmani devotees get relief from various troubles like black magic, evil forces and avoid stress and gain mental peace. Like Vishnu, she is heavily adorned with ornaments like necklaces, anklets, earrings, bangles etc.

Worshipping Ma Vaishnavi can remove all kind of hindrance or difficulties in life. Maheshvari is depicted seated on Nandi the bull and has four or six hands. One can get blessings from both Shiva and Parvati on worshipping Maa Maheshvari and one can get free from any sorts of danger caused by animals.

Seated on a charging elephant, Aindri, is depicted dark-skinned, with two or four or six arms. She is depicted as having two or three or like Indra, a thousand eyes.

ashta matrika mantra

She is armed with the Vajra thunderboltgoad, noose and lotus stalk. Kaumari rides a peacock and has four or twelve arms. She holds a spear, axe, a Shakti power or Tanka silver coins and bow. She is sometimes depicted six-headed like Kumara and wears the cylindrical crown. Devotees of Maa Kaumari are blessed with the powers to defeat struggles and can get relief from diseases caused by heat.

She holds a Danda rod of punishment or plough, goad, a Vajra or a sword, and a Panapatra. She blesses her devotees to get rid of evil eye casting, black magic, lack of courage and confidence.

She bestows with wealthy, healthy and courageous life. She is very often identified with Kali and is similar in her appearance and habit. The identification with Kali is explicit in Devi Mahatmya.

Riding a jackal or standing on a corpse of a man shava or pretashe is described as having three eyes, a terrifying face and a sunken belly.

Devotees of Maa Chandi blessed with trouble free life. Chandi saves her devotees by clearing all the obstacles in the path of success. Narasimhi bestows her devotees a jappy and fullfling life without any problems with enemies. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sri Hari Namashtakam adminNovember 10, October Month Prediction adminSeptember 19, Zodiac Predictions May adminApril 28, Goddess Puruhutika Devi adminApril 3, Kumaara rupa Kaumari mayura bar vahana.

Vedic folks is a reputed Vedic consulting company which helps to organize the homam with powerful mantras and fire rituals.

Live T V shows are also offered for watching the homam from anywhere. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sri Hari Namashtakam adminNovember 10, October Month Prediction adminSeptember 19, Zodiac Predictions May adminApril 28, Goddess Puruhutika Devi adminApril 3, Goddess Shrinkala Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Girija Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Vaishnavi Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Jogulamba Devi adminApril 1, Goddess MahaLakshmi Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Brhamarabika Devi adminApril 1, Goddess Sarvamangala Devi adminMarch 31, Tags: ashta matrika ashta matrika mantra ashta matrika moola mantra brahmani moola mantra chamundi moola mantra indrani moola mantra Kaumari moola mantra maheshvari moola mantra narasimhi moola mantra pratyangira moola mantra vaishnavi moola mantra varahi moola mantra.

About Author admin. Ashta Matrika Mantra adminDecember 31, No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Monday, 18 July Sapta Matrikas. Sapta Matrika or Seven Mother goddesses are identified with human vice, aggression, and disease. The seven Goddesses are classified according to a system. In this system every goddess is linked to a male equivalent, has her own creature to travel and represents a particular human fault. Seven Matrikas play an important role in HinduismShaktism and Tantrism.

They are also linked to Lord Skanda who is worshipped as warrior God.

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However in early texts they are considered to possess inauspicious qualities. Therefore they symbolize the fruitful and destructive aspects of nature. The Sapta Matrikas are described below: Brahmani She is the symbol of pride.

She is linked to Lord Brahmaand her vehicle is a goose. She has four hands. Her features are the watering container and prayer beads. She is differentiated by her basket-shaped crown called Karanda Mukuta.

Brahmani Jaap Mantra 108 Repetitions ( Ashta Matrika Series )

Vaishnavi She represents greed. She is linked to Lord Vishnu. She travels on an eagle and has four or six hands. Wheel and conch shell are her attributes. She is also possess a cylindrical crown called kirita Mukuta Maheshvari She symbolizes greed.

She is linked to Lord Shiva and travels on a bull. She has three eyes, four, six, or ten hands. Her attributes are prayer beads and a spear. Indrani Indrani represents fury. She is linked to Lord Indra who rides on an elephant. She has four hands and her attributes are a spear and bolt of lightning.Post a Comment. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. The Srichakra is the king of yantras, chakra raja. It is the genetic code of the cosmos.

Whereever it is, it brings order, peace, happiness, health, wealth and everything. It is considered as an object of Feng Shui, pyramid and holiness in various religions. Just keeping it in the home itself is a great blessing, because it connects itself to the other major Yantras in the world. It is intelligent. Once it is taken from a proper Guru, who is well intentioned, it can give unbounded happiness and every good thing in life.

For those who can do a proper Srichakra archana, unlimited is the benefit that accrues from it. But it is a complicated procedure and not very easy. So, for laypersons, who are tight for time, but still wish to do some sort of puja, the following is suggested.

In the square or the outer most enclosure of Srichakra, there are four cardinal and four intermediate directions and one up and one down — totaling There are so many Mudra Shaktis, Matrukas and Siddhis in these enclosures. We now focus on Ashta Matrukas, who are in the directions and the intermediate directions. Their names and associations tell us how and why they are useful as intermediaries, to give us the grace of Para Shakti.

In all efforts that improve the quality of life in this direction, for education, learning and creativity, worship of Brahmi is recommended. She brings Mahat Tatwa under control. So, for those who aspire greatness, through any means, through business or enterprise in various forms, which need insistence on the right things being done at the right time by the right people and the insistence that the things should not be done in the wrong ways and where it needs a little bit of aggression to preserve the competitive edge.

For such actions, propitiating Maheshwari is recommended. He is Shanmukha, the Kundalini Shakti itself.